Friday, August 10, 2007


I recently had an article published in Asia Geographic magazine on snowboarding in Japan. Just a short article. When it comes out, you can see it Here. My first time in print. Thanks largely in part from my singaporean friends in the travelling/exploring/adventuring industry who put me in touch with the editors of the magazine. Cheers Jo, next time I'm in spore, drinks are on me! On an unrelated note, I had a star sighting in Roppongi this week. Its not my first star sighting in Japan, but it is my first sighting of a foriegn celebrity. It was Nicole Richie, half of the dynamic duo of Paris Hilton and Nicole on the show simple life. She arrived at Grand Hyatt hotel while I was waiting in the lobby. For a celebrity of her caliber, there was suprisingly little or not body guards. Perhaps not many people know her here, although the Simple Life is shown on cable TV in Tokyo. She was lugging a very large pink suitcase. Straight out of the show. I could have gone up to her and talked to her, there was no fans, nor crowd in the lobby. But what would I say... I'm not even a fan. Though I do think that she was the cuter one of the pair. Perhaps she is here to film Simple Life Japan Edition.

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