Sunday, December 26, 2010

Though they may find this leg a little tiring.
I Imagine after 5000km on the ocean, pulling up in Milly park in Darwin would be a sight to see.
Yokohama to Perth, driving instructions now available courtesy of google maps.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are all required to make them. Sometimes they are easy. Like chosong between getting a college education or taking a part time job, or getting your girlfriend flowers for her birthday. Sometimes they are not so easy. Like choosing between career paths or girlfriends. We'll don't gets wrong, ask me 5 years ago and I would have said that if you have to choose between 2 diametrically opposite girls for a girlfriend I would have said "date both!" but now that I am wiser older and more financially stable and ready to get married, the choice is not so clear. Do you choose between a girl who is a strong independant woman hot and spicy or a funny cute down to earth girl or a 22 year old smoking hot body but naive as hell model? These choices are not easy to make unless you have a firm grounding of who you are and what you are looking for in a wife. Few really think about this if the choices are few and far between, but there is a special kind of agony that one has to go through when presented with multiple candidate each with their own merits and is forced to decide on which one would suit one best for the long term. Considerations: Would she be a good mother? A loving mother, who will be able to rear your children to be outstanding loving and contributing individuals of society? Is she attractive enough to keep the flame burning for a while to keep herself in the apple of you eye and be the centre of your desires? Passion is important I. A relationship. Is she intelligent and have the personality to keep you laughing and smiling and enjoying your time together? Is she pragmatic and practical have skills that you don't like cooking or accounting? Does she possess initiative or have a respectable job that you won't be embarrassed to tell you mom about? These are all major points to consider when evaluating a girlfriend when you are 34 and looking for a wife. The most notable addition is the clause about being a good mother. No matter how hot a gf if she can't be a good mother then what good is she as a wife? Better a mistress she would be. Not that I would have any. Sigh. Why am I writing this? Well,I realize it may be construed as someone in heaven complaining about the lack of lawyers but these are real and constant problems I face everyday. Should I get back with the ex who would make the best mother to my children? The model who would be the most fun to hangout with? The geeky but hot office lady who has a Good career and can expand my horizons? Tough choice. And too much choice, it seems, is it's own kind of hell.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Orange and cheese.
Yeah you really can't make this stuff up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kotooshuu katsunori!

He was in the security chech line beside me, with his wife. For those of you who don't know sumo, he is the 'prince of sumo' the first European to reach ozeki rank in sumo and he has beaten assashoryu before. He's my hero. If I was younger I would have asked for his autograph.

Roads and transport in Tokyo

Why is it that it's always on business trips does one fond time to reflect and ponder and also have the motivation to write about it? Anyways, while on the limo bus to narita for a routine biz trip to NYC, I got to thinking as our bus wound it's way through the shuto expressway through the heart of Tokyo, just how amazing the road system is here compared to those in other major cities. Sure it's congested at times but what other city of 12million has this efficient a system that not only provides access to the burbs but also winds through the heart of the city (all 5 of them) including the imperial palace with such harmony? I say harmony because instead of just going in a straight line overpass like most other freeways, it winds bends goes through twisty underground tunnels and over ponds and rivers. At one point it bisects the imperial moat at a mere meter above the water level with couple carousing in their paddleboats on one side and the palace on the other side. At others it hovers over 10 stories above the building below or glides above a local waterway river with boats moving below. Highways are normally boring things in Americas. In Tokyo the are like a fantasy race track through the concrete jungle. No wonder they made them a feature locale in many racing games.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nice prototype moto guzzi

Designed by treblanche

Batman's bike

Probably one of the coolest bikes i've seen

Brembo gixxer

Just a tease(er)

2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Ah the show, the sound of thousands of people bustling about, some young some old, some conservative, some strange, but all of them riders. Or media. Or perverts trying to snatch glimpses of the hot bike babes. Most notable was on guy I saw at the Ducati booth sitting on my bike no less ( Ducati gt1000 ) dressed as a hard gay look alike except with a pink mini skirt. Crotch panties very disconcertingly visible. ( hard gay is otherwise known as razor Ramon ). The bike was the black touring version with the large Harley looking windscreen so it looked rather fitting for the village people image. ( Village of the damned if you ask me ). Notables at the Ducati booth was the new multistrada 1200 that is due out this June. I must say it tickled all my sensibilities and left little if any "nice but..." feelings. Anyone who has ever shopped for a bike knows that choosing a bike is a very personal ordeal. Moreso than a car as cars can and do have much more of a practical aspect to their use. ( kinda like a scooter ) Sure, there are cars that are purely for fun and style, but bikes the connection is stronger as you cannot go unseen riding it. No tinted windows. Plus with few exceptions anyone can drive any car regardless of their physical dimensions and skill. Not so with bikes. A small statured rider just won't be able to manage a Harley tourer while a fat tall man would not be able to fit on some smaller Japanese bikes. ( or just look too silly on one ). So choosing one that fits your personality and style while at the same time meatig all your requirements for use is normally always a comprimise. Get a race bike and sacrifice comfort on the road. Get a street bike and suffer wind blast at illegal speeds. Get a offtoad bike and suffer lack of any storage capacity. Etc. In comes the multistrada. With the 1198 engine it can be a rocket. With ergos and seat position proves to be a comfortable tourer. And with adjustable suspension ride hieght and pirelli scorpions it can be a off roader as well. It proves to be a Jack of all trades master of most. Which I sort of how I think of myself. This may be my next toy which would replace my gt. Though I have no illusions of it replacing my Ktm. Other notables of the show was the new VFR 1100-- meh. And a new concept bike from motoguzzi Whig was damned well, cool. LCD mirrors ( fed by cameras on the outboard engine cylinders ) and lack of any noticeable wiring made it look sleek and modern. Ktm also revealed it's new electric dirtbike trickster. Personally I think any bike that doesn't make noise is a danger to it's rider on the road. Oh and let's not forget HD Ho stole the show, with no new models to showcase and nothing really to sell but their image they had the sexy girls on stage prancing and preening and wearing very little. Kudos to HD. When the business is losing money, resort to the thing that always sells. Sex.