Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are all required to make them. Sometimes they are easy. Like chosong between getting a college education or taking a part time job, or getting your girlfriend flowers for her birthday. Sometimes they are not so easy. Like choosing between career paths or girlfriends. We'll don't gets wrong, ask me 5 years ago and I would have said that if you have to choose between 2 diametrically opposite girls for a girlfriend I would have said "date both!" but now that I am wiser older and more financially stable and ready to get married, the choice is not so clear. Do you choose between a girl who is a strong independant woman hot and spicy or a funny cute down to earth girl or a 22 year old smoking hot body but naive as hell model? These choices are not easy to make unless you have a firm grounding of who you are and what you are looking for in a wife. Few really think about this if the choices are few and far between, but there is a special kind of agony that one has to go through when presented with multiple candidate each with their own merits and is forced to decide on which one would suit one best for the long term. Considerations: Would she be a good mother? A loving mother, who will be able to rear your children to be outstanding loving and contributing individuals of society? Is she attractive enough to keep the flame burning for a while to keep herself in the apple of you eye and be the centre of your desires? Passion is important I. A relationship. Is she intelligent and have the personality to keep you laughing and smiling and enjoying your time together? Is she pragmatic and practical have skills that you don't like cooking or accounting? Does she possess initiative or have a respectable job that you won't be embarrassed to tell you mom about? These are all major points to consider when evaluating a girlfriend when you are 34 and looking for a wife. The most notable addition is the clause about being a good mother. No matter how hot a gf if she can't be a good mother then what good is she as a wife? Better a mistress she would be. Not that I would have any. Sigh. Why am I writing this? Well,I realize it may be construed as someone in heaven complaining about the lack of lawyers but these are real and constant problems I face everyday. Should I get back with the ex who would make the best mother to my children? The model who would be the most fun to hangout with? The geeky but hot office lady who has a Good career and can expand my horizons? Tough choice. And too much choice, it seems, is it's own kind of hell.