Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Installment #54 Nasty China

Today was one of those days when i was embarrassed to be chinese. I havent felt this way since the days in canada, when back then the hk rich brats made me want to crawl out my skin. I just had the most wonderful experience of sitting beside the most disgusting little troll from china that ever were. He started off by sticking his ass in my face as he crammed all his luggage (and he looked like he was moving his house) into the overhead compartments. Second, when the attendant came by with papers, he took every one that was on chinese. Over 6 of them. He then for the entire course of the flight proceeded to tear up pages of the paper to keep for his own evil purposes, and generally making a racket and fuss. He addressed the attendant without a word, instead just waved his hand and grunted at her like he was calling his servant. He stepped over me several times without first giving the common curtesy of saying excuse me (knocking over my tv), and numerous times he waved his newspapers way over the seat and was encroaching my personal space. And this was in business class where the seats are wide apart. In typical chinese fashion, he demanded everything entitled to him and more (he wanted several extra bread rolls for his meal, to which he stashed away) To top it all off, he put his raw apple core into the seat pocket after the flight and stole the dinner napkin. Oh, and he insisted on speaking mandarin to the stewardess even though I heard some english from him later. About the only thing good I can say about him is that he didn't smell, -- that much.

The poor stewardess. She was apologizeing for him to me (in japanese of course), and I was sympathezing with her. I wished that I could speak mandarin so that I could tell him that people like him give chinese people a bad name. I was glad to be mistaken to be japanese, at least to distance myself from this barbarian. Chinamen. Goddamit they have to grow up and civilize themselves.