Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Ah the show, the sound of thousands of people bustling about, some young some old, some conservative, some strange, but all of them riders. Or media. Or perverts trying to snatch glimpses of the hot bike babes. Most notable was on guy I saw at the Ducati booth sitting on my bike no less ( Ducati gt1000 ) dressed as a hard gay look alike except with a pink mini skirt. Crotch panties very disconcertingly visible. ( hard gay is otherwise known as razor Ramon ). The bike was the black touring version with the large Harley looking windscreen so it looked rather fitting for the village people image. ( Village of the damned if you ask me ). Notables at the Ducati booth was the new multistrada 1200 that is due out this June. I must say it tickled all my sensibilities and left little if any "nice but..." feelings. Anyone who has ever shopped for a bike knows that choosing a bike is a very personal ordeal. Moreso than a car as cars can and do have much more of a practical aspect to their use. ( kinda like a scooter ) Sure, there are cars that are purely for fun and style, but bikes the connection is stronger as you cannot go unseen riding it. No tinted windows. Plus with few exceptions anyone can drive any car regardless of their physical dimensions and skill. Not so with bikes. A small statured rider just won't be able to manage a Harley tourer while a fat tall man would not be able to fit on some smaller Japanese bikes. ( or just look too silly on one ). So choosing one that fits your personality and style while at the same time meatig all your requirements for use is normally always a comprimise. Get a race bike and sacrifice comfort on the road. Get a street bike and suffer wind blast at illegal speeds. Get a offtoad bike and suffer lack of any storage capacity. Etc. In comes the multistrada. With the 1198 engine it can be a rocket. With ergos and seat position proves to be a comfortable tourer. And with adjustable suspension ride hieght and pirelli scorpions it can be a off roader as well. It proves to be a Jack of all trades master of most. Which I sort of how I think of myself. This may be my next toy which would replace my gt. Though I have no illusions of it replacing my Ktm. Other notables of the show was the new VFR 1100-- meh. And a new concept bike from motoguzzi Whig was damned well, cool. LCD mirrors ( fed by cameras on the outboard engine cylinders ) and lack of any noticeable wiring made it look sleek and modern. Ktm also revealed it's new electric dirtbike trickster. Personally I think any bike that doesn't make noise is a danger to it's rider on the road. Oh and let's not forget HD Ho stole the show, with no new models to showcase and nothing really to sell but their image they had the sexy girls on stage prancing and preening and wearing very little. Kudos to HD. When the business is losing money, resort to the thing that always sells. Sex.

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