Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Outlook GUI Stupidity #114

Sometimes Outlook really just pisses me off. This works out to be about once a day. Today's "outlook you piece of crap" grip is about mailing lists. I have a mailing list, which is a global one. I want to make a new mailing list which is more regional based, using a subset of the mailing lists contained in the global one. It's worth noting that the global list is a list of lists, and not a list of actual addys. So, what do I do? As always, I do naturally what a user would do. Type the list into the TO field, double click on it to see its contents, and drill down to get the list of lists that I want to copy, leaving the ones I don't. In steps MS Stupidity -- You CANNOT COPY the lists you see in the properties dialog box of the mailing list! You can SELECT them, you can double click on them to drill down, but you CANNOT DO ANYTHING MEANINGFUL to those list names. WTF. Seriously, I hope that MS pays their monkeys in QA their quota of bananas for this one. What reason would you want to restrict the users to just LOOKING at the list contents if you can't electronically copy them? I think that EVERY item in a GUI that is SELECTABLE should be COPY-ABLE* (even if cut is not allowed) I am forced instead to TAKE OUT A PEN AND WRITE DOWN THE LISTS ON PAPER.** So that I can add them to the new list I am building. Outlook is a piece of hot steamy shite. * Except for password fields of course ** Anytime poor software design causes an end user to have to do this, somebody at the company responsible should be forced to ceremoniously cut off a digit.

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