Monday, August 27, 2007

Outlook GUI Stupidity #112

When you receive an email from an internet address, for instance Aya [] Besides replying, and saving the address in your contact list, what is the most natural thing to do with the email addy? well, cut and paste of course!, but once again, MS developers thought that they were smarter than you, the user, and made it so that you cannot select the email address part with your mouse. Any attempt to select it will select the whole line, [] included. Why anyone would want to cut and paste that line with the square brackets is beyond comprehension, and yet another testament to developers at MS not using their brain, or doing any sort of sensical user acceptance testing. I've always been a critic of the stupid so-called intelligent text selection algorithms that they employ at Redmond. But this is just plain dumb. (FYI, to get just the email address, double click on the email address and take it from the 'real' address text box in the resulting dialog)

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