Saturday, July 21, 2007

Global Warming - Real effects

We're all going to kill the planet. George Bush, I'm looking at you, and all those other countries who refuse to admit that global warming is a real problem. Today, there is another day of flooding in UK, with parts of south London affected. For over a month now, rain has been hitting parts of UK unfettered, and floods are occuring all over the country. Not only that, the weather is strangely chilly for end of July, being only 15degrees today. Some parts have seen more than a month of rain in just a couple of hours today. Our building had flooding in the basement, and there was a fear today that the building might have to be evacuated. For those of you who are thinking why global warming has anything to do with the relentless rain and cold that is plaguing UK, go out and watch Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth right now. To summarize for the lazy amoung you out there, global warming affects the global weather patterns such that the inland continents become dryer and hotter, while the coastal ones get wetter and colder. Causing more hurricanes (like katrina) more storms, and strange weather patterns. If you need more proof that our planet is changing, add the evidence up: UK flooding Eastern Europe, temperatures of 39degrees celcius Japan, more typhoons than normal USA, more violent and frequent hurricanes than experienced in recorded history. China, the deserts are expanding. Darfur, the expanding deserts are causing civil unrest. Tokyo, this year saw the first time which it didn't snow. Not even once during the whole winter, while other parts of japan saw over 3meters of snow and buildings collapsed and roads were closed. New York experienced the worse snowstorm this past winter. Compare this to the weather patterns of the past 200 years, and you'll agree that an extreme number of weather anomolies have been happening in the recent decade. Now, I'm no tree hugger, and in fact, I'm a big proponent of capitalist mentality, but when you are faced with the prospect of not having a world to pass onto your kids, then well, this normally causes one to act. Anyway, I leave you with that thought. Cold, hard truth. I've discovered a cold hard truth. I guess I should be glad that its something that I realized at the young age of 30 instead of later on. Its the truth that money cannot buy happiness. Yes, everyone says this like they believe it, but do you really? Do you actually tangibly know what it means? It means that you cannot buy a remedy for loneliness. You cannot put a price on repairing a broken heart. You can have all the money you want, but you cannot buy friends. Being on assignment in ldn for the past month, I've realized how lonely it can be when you dont have people to spend time with. Its made me really regret some people that I have treated poorly on my quest for advancement in career. Its so easy to lose sight of things.

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philomena said...

I am glad you know. We can't live without money, but money can kill you too. When you laught, the whole world laughts with you, when you cry, you cry alone! Treasure of what you have, and be happy!