Monday, July 02, 2007

Breaking (Smashing) 100!

Golf is a funny sport. If you are one of those who are inclined so far as to call it one. Its definitely more of a sport than bowling, or billiards, but less so than football or hockey. If I were to compares, I would say its around the level of tennis or ping pong. Anyway, the holy grail of every beginning golfer is the magical breaking of 100 in score. The point when a beginner graduates from a novice to an amateur. Its also the magical point when you can say that you are no longer 'learning to play' golf, but actually playing. It comes quicker to some than for others, and for me, its been elusive for 2 years. Given though, that I haven't played as much as I a beginning person should in order to improve my game. Its pretty unrealistic for a learner to break 100 in the first year, but normally the 2nd or 3rd year should yield some results. But for me, due to the impossible expense of golfing in japan, over the first 3 years, I had only gone a total of less than 20 times. My best score up to this point has been 104 at a very easy course in shenzen (with no OB zones). My average score though, has been 120 so you can see that the volatility has been pretty high. Recently, though, I broke through that barrier with an astounding 93 in a course up in Karauzawa. It was the greatest feeling ever. What's more, the addictive aspect of this game is that the lower your score gets, the harder it is for you to improve it, since the variability of the course layout, and wind start coming into play, as each can cause you to make a mistake, which when you are playing at a level when a couple mistakes makes the difference between an 80 score or a 90 score, it really matters. Its quite interesting when you think about the fact that each stroke over par that you incurr is actually 1 mistake. So my score of 93 means that I made 21 mistakes in the game that day. Averaged over 18 holes, means that I made 2 mistakes per hole, plus 3 extra. A mistake is any shot which did not land where it was intended. Golf is truely a game where the more you play the more you want to play. New bike... Even with my shiny new oogata license, I haven't had the chance to test ride any bikes yet. I'm avidly awaiting the ducati hypermotard and the aprilia shiver to make it here to japan. Until then, I'll stick to my honda cb400sf v3.

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