Sunday, March 25, 2007

Installment #53 continuation

After returning to japan after a long 2 weeks, I came to realise one of the things that I really love about living in tokyo - the smell. The wonderfully clean smell of an apartment, the clean smell of onsen, even my bathroom has a distinct clean smell to it. Perhaps it is due to the rain, or the use of wood in apartments, but anyone who has lived here can attest that there is a unique freshness that permeates apartments here, you notice it most when you go house hunting, but sometimes after you have been away for a while, it becomes detectable over the odour of you personal things.

I think that this odour is unique to each city, it's signature in a way, New york's smell is that of the subway station, a mix between oil, grease and rancid garbage. Hong Kong smells like mold and air conditioning. Toronto smells like cold, if that could be a smell.

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