Sunday, March 11, 2007

Americans are stupid

Well at least, the ones on gamesshows are.
I've watched what quite possibly is the most ridiculus tv gameshow ever.

Its called 1 vs 100

A question is asked that has 3 answers. The contestant answers and the mob answers, and the mob members that answer wrong get knocked out. As does the contestant. The contestant was some overly plump mid western girl with hello kitty socks.

The question was which of the following objects is still in orbit.
A. Hubble telescope
B. Skylab
C. Mir space station

Here's where the stupidity comes in. Shes talking out loud,
'well, those all sound familiar... I think that being in orbit means that its going around something... And i think that the telescope is the only thing in orbit, and the others I think are just in space...not in orbit'


She doesnt know so she polls the mob. She has 3 helps. First she can poll the mob to see how many answered one way, second she can ask any two mob members 1 who answered right and one that answered wrong, lastly she can just trust the mobs popular answer as her own. She uses her first help. Out of 51 people, 16 people picked hubble. (Of course its hubble, mir crashed in the 90s, and skylab in the 70s). She was going with hubble, (because the others were in space...duuuh) but the 16 people who picked it throws her into enough doubt to use a second lifeline, where 1 guy who got it right and one who got it wrong are asked. 1 guy picked hubble and one picked mir. They both picked for stupid unconvincing reasons. So she still doesnt know what to pick, but the host points out that that obviously takes skylab out of the choices.

Now here is the REAL stupid part. She decides to use the final lifeline which is to trust the mob majority and take that answer. Dear god I wish people like this were around to give me their money. Obviously, if she knows that the right answer is either a or c, and she knows that only 32 percent voted for hubble, then there is no upside to trusting the mob. They are either going to be wrong, and the majority picked b, or they are picking c and you dont need to waste a lifeline to tell you that.

Moreso, she should have been watching which of the people picked hubble when they were highlighted. I mean, *I* was. She knew that 2 of them are professors and one is a rabbi. It was pointed out to her at the beginning of the show as they were return panelists. I think I would trust whatever they had to say. She chose MIR. She lost.

My god it was painful to watch.

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