Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Semi - Installment #50.5 Blogger.com?

Testing 1, 2, 3... post. I've always been against the use of proprietary web-based bloggers, mostly because of the uneasy feeling I get about somebody having the copies of my blog in some mysterious location out in cyberspace. Also the fact that with online bloggers, I would be restricted to writing blog entries when I am online. But actually, after considering the amount of time that I spend on my home computer vs. my laptop, and the additional fact that anything that I would write offline could then be uploaded easily these days, is slowly changing my mind. Tools like iWeb are still great for detailed layout of photos and such, but I think, given that lots of handheld PDAs now have web access, having a blog that I could update live on the road would be nice. Even if it has to reside in some mystery server somewhere out there in the net. (and now that blogger is tied to google, I feel a bit safer about my data) So here goes my first semi-installment post on blogger. If I like it, I may have to move my future blogging to this forum, and just link to it from the shinkansen vagabond site. blogger -- cheers, and here's to a wonderful friendship. I will post up 2 of the previous installments just to give some "back reading" for those who are just joining here at blogspot. For the complete journals -- so that you too can share in all the inside jokes I make at the unsuspecting public at large -- Please study up on the archives, at my mac.com website The website link to the Archives! Shinkansen Vagabond Then we can laugh at all those outsiders together. heh.


C said...

Hey Dave, been a while since I've heard what you're up to, I'll have to get back into following your blog.

digitsu said...

hey Chuddles.
Qui est tu? Je n'oblier pas.
Donata wa dare desuka? oboienai.