Sunday, November 08, 2009

Shibuya music festival

So I walk out of my place to find that the street is blocked and they have some strange music festival going on in front of 109. Life in Shibuya is never boring. Having a bout of warm weather nownjn Tokyo. It's a comfortable 18 degrees. So I'm jogging out in yoyogi park yesterday when I start to think about the recent discovery channel program I watched on the great coral reefs. The narrator kept on talking about the corals being the best architects in earth. I couldnt help but to be offended at the obtusivness of that statement. I mean architecting implies intelligent design. Something which I doubt can be attributed to these primitive invertabrae. It no more intelligent than how sunflower seeds arrange themselves in a pattern to obrain maximum density given a surface area. That made me to think about intelligence. If an organism, like a machine will predictably follow a set of preprogrammed behaviours, whether in cellular or silicon based code, is it really intelligent? If not then is the only thing that's sets humans apart is our complexity and potential for random behaviour? Is there truely such a thing as random? Or just consequences resulting in outputs from a complex system we call a brain being fed psuedo random inputs?

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