Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hokkaido, Day 3

Today we started from Ashikawa, and made the 300km run to Abashiri, which is on the north face of Hokkaido. On the way, we passed through the famous National Park, which is the largest in Japan. Breath taking views, and long straight roads that seem to dissappear into the distance. Farms and large open fields on either side. The smell of cow patties. It was amazing how much Hokkaido reminds me of Canada. Especially cities like Rubeshibe and Kitame look exactly like Brampton, and Sapporo could very well be Toronto. The agriculture is the same, with corn, and other types of cold weather crops, cows, large open horizons. On the way up as it was getting dark, I happened to see 2 deer crossing the road in front of me. I braked and made to pull out my camera, but a car behind me sped on, and frightened them into the bushes before I could take a picture. Later on, a pair of foxes were in the middle of the road, which once again forced me to stop suddenly. They aren't joking about the wild life here, you can actually see them on a regular basis. Weather is hot during the day, (dry heat, lots of sun) and cool during the night. Perfect riding weather. Though I would say that 15 degrees is a little too cool to do any speeds in excess of 70kph. Tomorrow to the big lake with a middle island. Can't wait!

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