Saturday, May 02, 2009

Total spontaneity

I made a snap decision and jumped onto a boat heading for Shikoku. For those who don't know that's the smallest of the Japanese main islands, with the others being kanto, kyushuu and Hokkaido in the north. Given the prospect of 5 days holiday thanks to golden week, and everyone else being away on their own trips spending 5 days on my bike sounded like a great idea. So like all other things, there is a ferry that will take you straight there on a overnight trip, and even bring your bike or car if you want. The ship is moored at the end of the island beside daiba, and it has a big ramp so that bikes and cars can just drive up. Very organized. There are free area rooms which basically have communal areas with a pillow and blanket. Breakout areas with many vending machines sell everything from instant noodles to beer. They even have a microwave so you can cook your food. They even have an ofuro. Basically it's a cruise without the nice room or a restaurant or a swimming pool. We continue on into the pacific ocean now, with full cell phone coverage heading for the tropical island of Shikoku. My ducati awaits me the deck below.

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