Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Party time

10,000yen worth of adult amusement. Either I'm preparing for the biggest party my apartment has ever seen, or its Christmas time, and somebody has been naughty. Very naughty. And I'm very nice. Nice enough to endure the embarrassment of going through the cashier with over 100 dollars worth of sex toys and items. From vibrators that look like ipod peripherals to double holed shampoo bottle looking female simulators, to over 50 dollars worth of asian specific (read as 'sized') condoms, I got em all. And for what you ask pretell? Well, turns out that Japan is no longer known as the place where you can get the newest in electronic gadgetry, robot anime or delicate origami goods anymore. Its the Naughties (00's) and thanks to the wonders of capitalism and market forces, Japan is now the land of sex. And in this mystical land where sex is the second largest industry right after cars (yes, think about that for a second), you are bound to find the most elaborate things in the adult section of your friendly neighborhood discount store. And it just so happens that some of my friends in other less liberalized parts of asia, have caught onto this, so instead of asking for the usual bottle of sake, a cute umbrella, or custard eggtarts as souvenirs, they demanded fleshbottles, latex umbrellas, and eggs that run on batteries. Yep, its definitely the season to be merry. Very very merry. Off again. On another whirl wind tour of Asia, well, more of a sequence of connected trips. First off, to hkg, where I will deliver most of my happy toys to the good girls and boys, then off to china, Zhaoqing, but 3 days of golf. For the price of just 1 round in japan, I'll be golfing 3 rounds with hotel and caddies paid for. Gotta love china. Then its off to sunny and sweltering singapore, where I will celebrate the marriage of one of my best friends in singapore, Jo da man himself. We'll stay a night in good old Eusoff Hall, (oh the memories) and eat prata late into the night while we share stories of Jo and his disgusting habits in university. I'll be sure to take many pictures this time. After that, I'll be returning to japan on Christmas day (I'll spend Christmas in the air from singapore to tokyo, perhaps even see santa! hoho) where I will spend the day at the airport lamenting in my own self pity while I wait for my flight back to Toronto where I will finally be able to unwind and endure my parents continual nagging about my love life and why I'm not married yet. My answer, as anyone (male) who has lived in tokyo can attest to, is that there are too many women that I love to have to choose only one of them. Well, that is the cover story anyhow. For now, I will leave you with the best wishes for a Happy Holidays, and remember to play safe.


ST said...

Ahhh... To be a fly on the wall when customs stops you with all your adult toys! Bwah ha ha ha

digitsu99 said...

If it's a cute female officer, I'd volunteer for the strip search.